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if after installing your cooler on your cpu you see that the temperatures are not really that all great and you are getting BSOD's double check your cooling block to make sure it's making full contact on your cpu...

Look for capacitors around the cpu, I had to rotate my block 90 degrees so that it would make contact. I also applied some better thermal paste than corsairs..

here are the pics.

I also added another fan for push pull and blue led



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Originally Posted by Xecutionr View Post

anyone think something like this should be stickied???
Well since you don't even list the motherboard model (system specs) ... No

We see this all the time in the Corsair Hydro thread HERE and when the temps are high or just not as good as other users with a new mount, this is the 1st thing most of us suggest to do .... remount and check for even distribution of the TIM ... Corsairs factory TIM is quite good by the way. Thank You though for posting, it is still a good reminder of the basics
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