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G-mail Account For New Members..join Today!!!

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Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE1701

Hey there all you guests just looking at the site I would realy reccomend that you join our community you will learn alot here and we always like new people to add there ideas and knowledge to this community. So here we go Anyone who joins Overclock.net and makes atleast one post in this thread will get a G-mail invitation from me . G-mail is google email account and has a whopping 2 gb 698mb storage space for email and other attachments and such. I have only 100 invites to give so hurry
When you sign up make sure you sign up with a valid email address so that i can send you an invite .


Also something else cool with G-MAIL is that you can use i as a file storage server..with this program in this FAQ ... http://www.overclock.net/faqs/17596-...t=gmail+server This FAQ is by ''bentrinh'' so please give credit to him for this FAQ

If you cannot get in touch with ENTERPRISE1701 please PM SpookedJunglist with your email address to recieve your gmail account.

Members who have received Gmail accounts:
Cotty D
Trippin Out

Members with invites to give out:
Dani- 100 invites left
Dpg- 99 invites left
ENTERPRISE1701- 98 invites left
Inferno- 200 invites left
Inspire- 400 invites left
Jeppe- 99 invites left
Madkat- 300 invites left

Chopes-99 invites left
Erind- 15 invites left
Selectodude- 50 invites left
AwDxTc-100 invites left
Orange -99 invites left
KoSoVAR- 100 invites left

Garfish- 99 invites left
Danm- 99 invites left
Fusion Racing- 100 invites left
Ace Of Spades- 100 invites left
SpookedJunglist- 99 invites left
glc- 99 invites left
myComputerSucksMore -98 invites left
Peroxide -299 invites left
Lonnie5000- 100 invites
nugget- 100 invites
scotishhaggis- 100 invites
rippon -198 invites
Chipp - 100 invites
cdub998 -100 invites
Some Idiot2 -100 invites
Xaine99 -99 Invites
Retrospekt -15 invites
Pmigneous -300 invites
Stupid -400 Invites
JohnRodgers 97 invites.Mike-z - 1000 Invites

As it is Poeple i have more than Enough Invites to offer out to New Members so please no more posting with offering your Invites..Thanks for the thought though.

Cheers Inspire & SpookedJunglist
..Much neater.
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I edited the post a little bit adding myself to the list and stating that new members can PM me for a Gmail account. By default they can only PM Directors.
This is the last time i can accept invites We have plenty now Thank you very much for your support.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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