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G.Skill 1066 up to 1104 for 5:6 ratio

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Im just checking what the consensus is for overclocking G.Skill ram before I go ahead and test it. Im currently at a 1:1 ratio with the RAM underclocked to 920. As I was pushing my CPU up to 3.9Ghz I noticed decent gains when benchmarking with a 5:6 ratio as apposed to a 1:1. How would the G.Skill RAM take this small overclock up to 1104? Ive got 2.1v on the RAM and 1.36 on the NB.
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Don't worry about it. It will either boot or not. If you get it running,use Memtest to make sure you're stable.
My G.SKill 1066 would not do 1100+. 1090ish is the best I could manage with perfect stability.

Your set could verywell do better, but as G.Skill is extremely agressive with their binning, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Yea I failed OCCT after 5 mins at 1104. Looks like Im stuck at a 1:1
my 2x2gb ddr-1000 kit i bought about 2 weeks ago has trouble at anything over 1066

i plan on selling them, i just e-bayed a g.skill ddr2-1100 kit so i'll see how those treat me

......*wishes his ballistix would have worked with the P5E*.............
GSkill frequently don't OC past spec.

Hey SyncMaster753 why don't you try some Mushkin XPs or Dominators if you want to really cook?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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