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G. Skill HX or ZX

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I was wondering what the difference between these 2 sets of ram. And is the HX really worth the extra money?

G.Skill HX

G.Skill ZX
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The HX apparently is better RAM the ZX appears to be the Value version of the same memory with with lower voltage running on it. I bet the HX version OC's better than the ZX. But not owning either of them I am not sure.
I have the ZX's and have heard people get them to ddr 500 easy (looser timings though.) I love mine.
Anyone else, maybe people who have this ram?
I believe one of them uses Infineon B die IC's and the other uses C die IC's. I could be wrong though...

but typical B die IC's will OC to 220-230 and C die will go to about 280 (OCZ Platinum PC4000 use Infineon C die IC's)

I could be wrong though...
My ZX goes to 275 rock stable.
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Originally Posted by beserkjay

My ZX goes to 275 rock stable.

With what timings?
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I have the HZ myself, but I haven't gotten a chance to OC yet, but I should be able to by tomorrow. I bought the HZ because of the many suggestions on many forums that recommended it. I also looked at some benchmarks and the HZ beat out the ZX. I'll try to get an OC and post back to you by tomorrow.
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