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A while back I won an Ebay auction for some 2x512 DDR600 dual channel G.Skill ram.<br />
After dialing in my DFI mobo, I used tested these sticks on Memtest86 and found one of the two to be faulty with errors. The other ran fine well past 300fsb with the advertized timings. So these sat in a box for months while I used some DDR550 sticks.<br />
So yesterday, I'm looking on the G.Skill website (support) and I email the question about their warranty.<br />
They answered knowing I had no receipt for a used product on Ebay, they said<br />
"send an error report" with the sticks for replacement (10 year warranty, no questions asked)!<br />
Amazing.<br />
So now I'm going to pack them up and send them off. <br />
<i><b>Ive heard the DDR600's haven't been produced in a while, so do you think they have a stockpile of them, or will they instead send me some DDR500 HZ's?</b></i>
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