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Vsync + Triple buffering works against screen tearing when FPS is higher than display refresh rate.
(note that Vsync + double buffer often causes either buffer overflow or underrun).

Gsync - Freesync removes stutter if FPS is around 75% of display refresh rate.

So I would recommend Gsync/Freesync on, Vsync Off, Triplebuffering off, but also to turn on Frame limiter (of some sort) close to value of display's refresh rate (like 1 fps less). It will save some of the Vram and CPU/GPU resources.

If you want to have always perfect image quality:
Vsync On
Triple buffer On
Gsync/Freesync On

That will generate best possible image, at highest possible FPS, which can your display present.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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