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I'm thinking about making a new cheap home server.
My current rig:
What is 80 plus? is what the psu is spewing out all the time...
2x2gb ram
amd 640 propus 3ghz quadcore 95watts
no gpu (I only put it in when stuff breaks)
stock cooler
one pwm rear fan
front fan set to half speed from front pannel fan controls
I'd like to get another corsair 80 bronze or gold psu
and build something quiet, low power, cheap, kinda small.
I'd love to get a 1u rack, but heatsinks seem hard to come by in that form.
2U... not sure atm what happened with trying to build with that. (just newegg shopping cart)
3-4u kinda defeat the small form factor, might as well go for a cheaper

I did find a m-itx board that had dual lan and thought that would be cool, but time will tell.

Pretty much, is the Pentium G3258 a good cpu for a ubuntu server?
I plan to add 16gb of ram and run it as a vm host, like I am with my current server.

Which runs proxy + ts3 server on 1 vm, file on another, then the big one, file and game server.
The game server is only able to run one at a time because of ram limitations.
Otherwise half the time total cpu usage isn't over 200% (50%)

I ran into a thread on linuxtectips or something like that and it pretty much gave this cpu a bad rep.
Why I think this should be a good cpu for me is:
low power
higher benchmark on cpubenchmark.net
less cores... kinda good.
arma is really dependent on the 1st thread on startup and well tries to run most of the stuff on it I guess.
so a faster 1st thread = faster loading times/ startup
VM's will have to share cores... they were already doing so tho.

What do you guys think about me using the cpu for such purposes?

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