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GA EX58-UD3R with G.Skill RAM? Please help!

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Hi guys,

I already ordered on NCIX.com a Gigabyte X58-UD3R board with a set of 6gb 1600mhz Triple channel DDR3 G.Skill ram. see info here.

Will the ram be compatible with the board? I'm a little bit worried since someone said that there was only one DDR3 TP socket on that board, and I already ordered, so..
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It should work but looking at reviews on newegg, it seems that alot of people have compatibility issues between the motherboard and the RAM modules. I suggest you test it out when you recieve it and if there's any issues, you could send it back to ncix but i believe they have a 15% restocking fee on non defective items...

Otherwise, everything looks normal, it's a triple channel motherboard so it should be compatible in that regard.

Good luck!
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triple channel or not doesn't matter
wants to know if it works

I've dealt with G Skill on a similar matter. I had mistakenly purchased G Skill RAM that was designed specifically for the 790i chipset. They offered a swap out for the RAM of my choice. So, don't panic. Worst case is a inconvenient delay on your build.
Gigabyte tech has droped off the map in quality lately. I would recomend avoiding them.

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Gigabyte tech has droped off the map in quality lately. I would recomend avoiding them.

I'm finding the ex58-ud3r to be a fine motherboard and excellent overclocker especially for being a "budget" mobo.
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