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GA-P35-DS3L pencil mod

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Hey, going to try the pencil mod to reduce/eliminate vdroop on my DS3L but I've never used a multimeter before.

This is my multimeter.

So, as far as I've read, the resistor should be around 1900ohms to begin with, so I would want to set my multimeter to the "2K" ohms setting to check it as I pencil it down?

Sorry for a noob question, vdroop is killing me but I don't want to dive into this without knowing what I'm doing. Appreciate any help, thanks.
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yes you would.
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Thank you very much, hopefully this helps me get 3.5+ stable finally.
you could set it on any of the ohm setting the higher numer will give you a more accurate reading
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Diving right into is actually the best way to learn. Wrong settings on the mult-meter won't harm anything. I never used a multi-meter prior to doing the pencil mod on a
DS3L. I just kept turning the dial on mine till the numbers corresponded to those of the guide.
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