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Ga-p55-ud3r eps?

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Hi Folks,

Im looking to get this mb with an i7-860. Question is can i use my current PS without an 8pin eps connection. Or do i need to buy a new PS? thanks
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I do not think you need the full 8pin just a 4pin.
do you mean psu? please, fill out your system specs so we know what you have, to avoid any confusion. thanks.
I was just wondering if i needed a new psu. Right now im using a Thermaltake TR2 430w with a e8400. This psu doesnt have an eps 8pin connector only has the 4pin. Thanks.
Nope a 4 pin is just fine. You only need the 8 pin for the intel extreme cpus
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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