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Can someone tell me step by step on how to install folding onto suse linux i have the file alrdy
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do you know any commands like cd, ls etc???
i don't no jack squat lol i jsut installed it
if you dont go to the terminal then type in cd with the directory that its in then ./FAH that should work

cd=change directory
i still don't get it lol i'm in terminal can u gimme ex of wat to type i installed fah on desktop
put it in the home dir
then go to terminal and type ls then see if it there then type ./FAH502-Linux.exe
ok the whole root of the file is [email protected]/home/Vincent/Desktop/FAH and the folding program is in FAH how do i get it to work
i cant acces that dir in terminal tho most i can go is [email protected]:/home
I can't put it into home and when i go to terminal i type in cd /home and it goes into home but when i do that to cd /Vincent it doesn't work
try it without the / also try cd ..
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o i used terminal super user mode tahnks man
when you type in ./Fah it should come up in the terminal and ask you for your user name etc
i config eveyrthing but how do i no if the core is working
i use graphical for windwos so iono i can check log file right?
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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