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[Gamasutra]Gazillion Entertainment licenses Marvel MMO

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New massively multiplayer online (MMO) game publisher and developer Gazillion Entertainment has emerged from stealth mode, announcing its ownership of several MMO studios and that it has signed a worldwide agreement with Marvel Entertainment to make a MMO based on the Marvel Comics universe.

A Marvel universe MMO was originally to be published exclusively by Microsoft, but was cancelled early last year for still unspecified reasons. Developed by City of Heroes creators Cryptic Studios, the game went on to form the basis of the forthcoming Champions Online.

They're also working on the LEGO MMO, as stated here:
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and here
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"We've been working quietly over the past three years in stealth mode putting together studios and a team to go after what we see as a key opportunity over the next decade -- bringing the MMO format to the mainstream audience," said Hutter. "To accomplish this we think you need to do two things -- create really high quality titles running on rock solid operations and execution capabilities and partner with household brands or worldwide global brands that have hundreds of millions of touch points with fan bases and provide a terrific installed base of enthusiasts to come in and participate in an MMO game."

Gamers are already familiar with Gazillion's first MMO game, LEGO Universe, which has been in development at Gazillion-owned studio NetDevil in Louisville, CO for a few years. That subscription-based MMO game is aimed at a wide audience. Cutter said gamers can expect the same quality of gameplay that UK developer TT Games has brought to consoles over the past few years with hit games like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Batman. The plan is for the game to debut on the PC but migrate to console platforms down the line.

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Online game startup Gazillion Entertainment is announcing today a major partnership with comic book king Marvel Entertainment to build a series of online game worlds with Marvel's comic book characters.

The first game is a kid-oriented online world based on brand-new Marvel property Super Hero Squad. This show for kids will debut on the Cartoon Network in the fall and the game will debut sometime in 2010. Gazillion, based in San Mateo, Calif., has already been working on it for a year.
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can i haz super powers?
biggest problem with superheroes and mmo is that all there are so few moves to make one character unique, and they are already set. people already know.
I'm more excited about the LEGO MMO myself.

Here's another source, I'll put it in the OP as well:
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