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edit - I have an .ISO image I need to mount and have a few questions on how to go about it.
I know daemon tools or Alcohol 120( may be wrong name ). But can IMGburn also do this?

And if I do this, will it install the game, or will I have to mount the ISO everytime I want to play the game? Or once it's mounted I am basically good to go.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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The thing is I really do not want to put the ISO onto a dvd, as I do not have a dvd. Also after i mounted the ISO, on say daemon tools for example, would I be able to delet the ISO file, or would I need it so it has something to load from?

And yah I probably could have said that, but was not to sure as to what wording was correct, new to this stuff I usually have all my games discs, loosing stuff sucks.
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