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Game like Spec Ops The Line?

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Just as the title says, I'm hoping someone could shed some light on a game similar to Spec Ops. And by similar I mean in the sense of the grittiness and "realism" of the game. I absolutely loved that the game could have possibly happened, and as good as it was of a game, it also made me sick
with the killing of US troops, the white phosphorus killing civilians, the death of Lugo, your transformation into a man effectively without a heart. When it was over, I didn't even know what to think. It was like seeing a really good movie, and have no opinion the moment it ends, only that you enjoyed something about it.

So my question, as I already stated, are there any other games like this?
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I don't know what exactly you count as realistic but Max Payne 3 for example is IMO still in the realm of "kind possible" and it is most certainly not lacking in "grit".
Played Homefront? That's probably the closest I can think of offhand. Don't pay much for it though cause the campaign is even shorter than SpecOps ...
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