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Game Save location

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I guess I kinda screwed up when trying to create a RAID 0 array.

I had some trouble with my drivers from the CD and my comp kept BSOD on boot. So I changed the setting from RAID to ACHI.

I then used the storage manager in My Computer to create a single drive out of my two 750GB blacks

I have since learnt doing that way is not actually RAID and as soon as I sort my drivers out I am going to fix this.

To re-create a RAID array will mean reformatting both drives - Fine
It will also mean re-installing all my games - also fine

What I dont want to do is loose my game saves particularly for MW2 and Dragon Age Origins.

Can anyone tell me where to find the particular file I need to back up so I dont have to start all over again? Neither of these games retain the save file as part of your online profile as best I can tell.

Thanks in advance.
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Erm, either in your Documents or installation directory.
For MW2 go to the steam install directory on your HDD, then go to Steamapps I think it is, then common then call of duty mw2 and then the players folder has your campaign savedgames, copy the whole folder over.
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dragon age should be in the my documents folder. may be in the my games subfolder but still in my documents.
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