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Gamers CHoice?

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if im playing mostly MMORPG"S (WoW i dont like) Dark age of Camelot
and halfllife 2 (mostly halflife 1=)
what processor should i go with to to replace my current machine
(aim is to have 2 computer capable of playign same games)

athlon 64 3200
or save a little and go 3700?
and whats the deal with opterons =?
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and for video card in the $200 range
i can get from work X800 pro for 200 with (awesome tradein replacement warrenty)
or the X1600
or a 6800 gs

not sure ATI or Nvidia anymore =/
the deal with opterons are that almost all overclock very well, and any of those chips should work well. safest best bang for your buck is likely the 3700+ but a reasonably priced opteron or the venice would all work fine.

1600 series sucks, the 6800gs is very solid and has sm3, an x800gto2 would be better than the x800pro for around 200.
Both are great chips, but I would go with the 3700, the new steppings OC like crazy.

opterons are desiged as server CPUs, and for a while they were extremely OCable, but their new steppings are apparently more hit and miss than they used to be. Also, prices were jacked up because of the sudden rise in popularity.
ahh ok, looks like im gonn ahave to wait a few mroe paychecks then, i get the 3700 for 225 with store warrenty

unfortunately my store doesnt have the gto2
im tyring hard to find things at my store cus of major discounts
and for 8 dollars mroe on any of hese items i buy there

if i OC the **** out of it
and it Fries
i get full refund to buy a new one
or if i dont like it anymore, i tradein =)~

now all i need to figure out is wich mobo and maybe better memory
wa thinking BFG's motherboard, heard was very stable, but not much ont he OC?
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i will also put a vote in for my mobo, it is solid, stable and a good bargain. if you get the gto2 remember it doesnt nativly support hdr and sm3, not a huge deal but the nvidia cards do.
how about a DFI board, you cant really go wrong.
well i dont really know what hdr or sm3 is and whether or not i would even care lol
rem,ember im mainly gonna play the same games i play now on my current machine listen below

and i know nothing about dfi and never have herd of them until recently
ive always been an MSI man
also is it worth it to get SLI board if i dont really plan on useing it?
sicne it always seemed smarter to me to buy a new card every year or so for 200 bucks?
dfi are good boards but unless you want to overclock like a pro they arent necessary. and yeah a 6800gs or x800gto2 for about $200 will play everything out now at least medium.

as for the sli board it certainly wouldnt hurt, but i wouldnt pay much extra for one unless you knew you were going to use it, and they are usually a fair amount more expensive.
i think i may order the MSI 6800 gs form newegg, and the MSI neo4 F does look pretty hott,kind of wanted to stay with MSI =)

probobly just gonna pick up the Sonata 2 Case/450 watt psu for 90 bucks

and il figure out memory someday =)
MSI's neo4 F I believe is a decent board but I love my DFI. You should be happy with your 6800gs. I can hf2 maxed at 1024x768. and the 3700+ are great. if you plan to oc a better PSU might not be a bad thing, but it depends if you ever want to use SLi and how many hard drives and cd drives you have.
probobly only 2 harddrives at max
no sli
yeah get the 3700+ instead of the 3200+... it will most likely OC farther and it has double the cache.

get the 6800GS... out of the cards you listed it's the best...

I'd personally go w/ either an Asus or DFI board, but that's my choice.

are you going to put your 2 hdd in RAID?

and you'll need a new psu.
a good replacement that doesn't cost too much would be the sunbeamtech nuuo 550w you can get it for around $85
no im not gonna run raid at all
probobly only gonna run a single sata150 hd
Why not go for raid? If youre going all out, get the best performance you can.

DFI LP ultra-D
2xhowever big sata drive you want in raid 0
antec truepower 550W or sunbeam nuuo 550W
get some good cooling or just use stock

Heck man if you do that, youll have a great system!
well this is bassically start as i deem fit later down i start upgrade different parts lol
so as of right now
i only have a single sata hd
and i dont feel liek buyign another one
raid is cool but not amazing, only place i really notice is i get in servers fast and i can install things quickly from files.
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