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games always have funny stuck pixels...

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Everytime I start a game on my pc, I will see a bunch of stuck pixels on the left and top of my screen:

(I had to edit the picture so that the pixels are there or else photoshop wouldn't save it correctly...)

BUT, when I'm not playing a game, there aren't any stuck pixels.

Is this supposed to happen, or is this just me?
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Are you playing the games at your native resolution? It shouldn't matter but that's the only thing that comes to mind.
I get this in some games too actually. In Doom I get like 4 pixels up near the top of my screen, it's weird
It happens every once in a while in BF2 as well. I have no idea what causes it, but I don't pay much attention to it. It has yet to affect any game play.
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I am indeed playing at my native resolution. But I guess it shouldn't hinder my gameplay too much. oh well.
has never happend to me or atleast ive never noticed
Happens to me in WoW. A whole bunch of pixels on the far right edge of the screen go all rainbow colored. It's not always there though, it seems to appear randomly. I am also operating the display at it's native resolution. No explanation I can come up with...
Try and different monitor and see if it does it with that. That's really the only thing i can think of besides, a driver problem. Or maybe heat.

And does it stay like that throughout the whole or just the beginning.
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