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Games sound not synced with video correctly!

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Ever since I got my new HD 4670 card and a new install of WinXP , I've been havin a bunch of problems.
First I can't watch any videos due to some unknown reason ( got all possible codecs / players ) except their sound.
But then lately i've noticed the sound delay when a game video is played.
For example in CoD4 I've noticed it , its like the sound is slightly behind the video.
But on Devil may cry 4 it is a messup!
DMC4 has long game movies ingame , and I get audio sync like -5 sec behind the video...
I don't know whats wrong. Please advise!
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Did you uninstall the old drivers before you upgraded?

If not, that is the problem.
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I did a clean install of WindowsXP 32

Originally Posted by Higgins
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Did you uninstall the old drivers before you upgraded?

If not, that is the problem.

Yep. Uninstall the old, use driver sweeper to get rid of left over bits, and re install the new drivers.
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I've reinstalled windowsXP after i got my new card , so there's no old drivers..
Did you install all of you mobo drivers? If so, did they install correctly? Sounds like you just have a codec and driver issue.
I suppose that all my mobo drivers are installed correctly , as windows is not reporting them not working properly.
On old windows , and ATI 2600 card , I didn't have the issue.
Do you have the onboard HDMI audio installed on the HD4670?
Hmm , I do have realtek's onboard sound , but I disabled it as i have creative sound blaster , if that's what you are referring to .
Also I have ATI Function driver for HDMI audio - ATI AA01
I think I remember having problems with that , unsure. How to check that out if it works properly? OR how to download newer drivers for it , are they on ATI's site cause i didnt see them ?
Could anyone please assist me soon? I really need it soon to be done. Reps for the ppl who help... I'm really desperate

Btw I do use SRS Audio SandBox which is some kind of a sound enhancer. I don't know if that would make any impact to my sound delay , but even before the sandbox , I had some minor delays.

Also the longer the movie it is , the sound is more delayed
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Try testing without the sound card; using onboard audio. Problem still there?
I disabled my realtek audio in device manager, now I can't seem to find it anymore.
I don't think so , but i'll check right away!
I enabled High definition audio controller in my BIOS.
Now I get in device manager : Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus and it has no drivers for it.
I guess that is the realtek onboard audio?
Allright , i popped the MOBO CD with drivers in my drive , and installed ATI HDMI driver (i think its for onboard!?!??)
However when i try to install drivers for Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus off my mobo CD , it says Install realtek HD audio driver failure!!!
Dunno why , but i'm gonna try and play some game , this ATI HDMI driver gives me some hopes !
Wow its even bloody worse now. Audio is SOO delayed , like 15 seconds.
The video seems to fast forward quickly for few seconds by itself at the beginning , making the audio not able to catch up. Any ideas?
Do you have the latest sound card drivers? Also, try playing an audio file/music during gameplay. Does the game sound still lag?

EDIT: Also try running a game that doesn't require a CD/DVD, such as Halo Trial or some other demo. See if the problem persists. It could be your CD/DVD drive.
Well my sound card drivers haven't been updated awhile , thats because creative is not updating the drivers for my old Audigy card.
But I don't think that is the problem , as on my old windows with my old 2600 ATI card , I didn't have the issue.
Tried with music , its same . It now speeds up the video sometimes for few seconds which is really wierd ,but started happening when i installed these HDMI drivers.

Nope , it's not the optical drive . Tried several games which don't need its CD, but nope
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