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Gaming Build w/ Pictures

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I decided to build a decent gaming rig after my graphics card went bad on my old Dell Pentium 4 system.

For the mean time, I'm just going to use my old Dell case to save a little money and have the "sleeper" effect.

Here are the parts I used:

DFI Lanparty JR P45
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Sapphire Ati Radeon HD4870 1GB GDDR5
WD Caviar 320GB 7200rpm
OCZ 700W Modular PSU
4GB Corsair DDR2 800

I downloaded Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit a little over a month ago, so I just used those as my OSes over two partitions.

Overall, the building process went pretty well. I did kind of struggle with the stock CPU cooler's interlocking mechanism though. After connecting everything, she booted right up with no problems whatsoever.

I do plan on upgrading some more as in a new case, SATA drives, and the CPU down the road, maybe.

Cable Management: I'd like to apologize to those who previously had perfect vision before seeing the pictures.
Anyways, the Dell case isn't exactly suitable for any sort of cable management, so I tried to do what I could. I'm going to get a new case soon (I'm eying the Antec 300), so hopefully that will be more cable management friendly.

Old Dell specs:
Pentium 4HT 3.0GHZ
Geforce 8500GT PCI

Thanks for viewing.
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It's nice, apart from the Dell case.
Great build! SHould be able to play any game with that setup. Once you're ready to overclock, you'll want an aftermarket heatsink fan to cool the CPU. The Xigmatek S1283 is a great value, only $27 after mail-in rebate and far better than any other CPU heatsink fan in that price range.

And as the others have pointed out, you'll need a better case to keep lots of cool fresh air moving into the case. A great value is the Antec Three Hundred at Microcenter for $45.

Enjoy your new system! And good job ditching the Dell!
Thanks for the nice comments and advice.

I do plan on upgrading the case and CPU cooler next. Right now I'm mainly looking at the Antec 300, Cooler Master 690, or even the Antec 900 if possible. Although, I do find the sleeper effect amusing.
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DELL? aaahhhh, its too good to be a dell. i would paint it all and get rid of the dell badge somehow lol, or just buy a new case. then again, its one hell of a Rig and if you want dell, you can have dell. totally up to you, thats why they are called personal computer=pc
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