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Gaming Monitor: Questions.

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( I know there a toon of these kind of treads, but It dint seem any of them answered my question...)

Hi iam about to get a new Gaming CPU. Still dont know what build it will be exactly but for sure ill be getting a Vidia 9800gt or up. Ive been searching on google about good 22'' gaming lcd for a week now and the answers are so variated I tought maybe I would get better response here.

Ive been having a good viewsonic e70f for about 8years now, still runs good but iam moving in a smaller apparment so ill need to most space possible.

Theres a shop that is selling a BenQ E220HD ( 2MS, 10 000:1, WS ) for 200$. Kind of a good deal, or ill go with samsung T220. But seriously I cant make up my mind, seems like LCD's having ghosting issues? Or did that been resolved in the year 2008. As a BattleField (2142) player I concider ghosting to be inaceptable in combat. But i still see alot are ppl playing with lcd's... I tought maybe they dint mind it ghosting.

Also an other thing that scares me is the poor 76hz refresh rate of the screen... Eventualy i would like to run my games at leat max resolution or maybe a little under. I discovered on the viewsonic website that they produced a 120hz 22" lcd, but with a poor 1000:1 contrast ratio.

So for conclusion iam really confused, Should i aim for good contrast ratio or compromise a poor one (1000:1) for 120hz ? 5MS or uner are okay for fast in game moving (right to left loocking) ? Is there alot of player that compromise Screen refresh HZ for resolution? Is a 68Hz refresh rate enuff for not being able to see the chopyness of the screen?

Hope you guys feel my pain, reponse would be really appreciated.
thanks alot
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Since the image on an LCD is persistent, LCDs can have very low refresh rates without being choppy. They don't flicker like CTRs.

I had touble using anything below 100Hz on a good CRT, but I find 60Hz perfectly acceptable on an LCD. Even far lower refresh rates are acceptable for still images. I've seen some medical displays that were 20Hz, and they had no flicker at all. Again, LCDs are different from CRTs, the pixels on them do not fade, or even change, unles they are specifically told to (or you cut power).

More than 60Hz is only really useful if you really need to see all of what goes on at over 60 frames persecond, consistently.

Listed contrast ratios are almost always total BS. You can take 10 LCDs that state exactly the same contrast and they may all be totaly different in that respect. Be especially wary of dynamic contrast ratios, they are even more meaningless. Anyway, 1000:1 non-dynamic is a fairly good spec. That's not what it really is, but it at least hints that it should be alright.

Most people consider 5ms to be plenty low enough. However, I have owned several LCDs, and a good mix of both 5 and 2ms screens. The 5ms weren't bad, but 2ms is clearly more responsive. I have seen some ghosting on modern 5ms LCDs, but most people don't seem to notice.

I'd recommend seeing LCDs in operation, if at all possible, before deciding on what to buy.

If that's not possible, I'd recommend ASUS for a good, fairly inexpensive gaming panel. They are TN matrixes, so the view angles are not good (still as good as or better than other screens of similar cost however), nor is contrast exceptional (though again, it's good for a TN matrix). However, color reproduction is the best I've seen on TN screens, and they have the lowest number of RTC errors you will find on about any 2ms screen (meaning they maintain the best image in motion).
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If you have to, Samsung over BenQ any day. However, Samsung seems to be going downhill lately, cheaping out on not being VESA mountable on their latest batch of large monitors.
Okay guys, ima really sorry for the slow reply I was really busy these days and the fact I dont have internet right now isint helping. Tried few LCD Viewsonic and samsung for myself and I figured out it was pretty fine with 2ms response! Ill prolly go with an ASUS or samsung thanks again guys for the help.
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