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Gateway 7330Gz accidently dropped , possible P4 Heat sink damage.

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Greetings everyone

I stumble upon these forums when searching on how to disassemble a gateway 7330GZ - http://www.overclock.net/laptops-not...ay-7330-a.html -

So I dropped my wife's laptop several days ago, and it turns on and gets as far as to the desktop before the fan seems to run really fast [I can hear it spinning faster] until it gives up and thus shutting down the PC immediately.

I was told these machines running Pentium 4 have a problem with the heat sink mounting and that I would have to disassemble it all the way down to the motherboard to clean the old heat sink paste and apply new paste while making sure every connection and mount is secure. Having all 4 of 4 heat sink mount points.

If grunion still posts here, I would like to know how his experience with his Gateway 7330gz went. Along with any other people with experience with issues concerning dropped laptops. And other guidance or solutions is greatly appreciated.

my Laptops system specs are ;
Gateway 7330gz
Pentium 4
Windows XP SP2
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It sounds like the heatsink has come off its mounting. Its turning off because of the high temperature the CPU is running at due to the heatsink not being properly attached. While I have no experience with that particular laptop, I would suggest purchasing some Arctic Silver 5 or some other thermal paste. Take it apart and remount the heatsink. Although its also possible the mounting mechanism could be broken so you might need a new one. Also do not forget to wipe off the old thermal pad/paste with some high purity rubbing alcohol. Check google, I'm sure there are many guides on how to change CPU heatsinks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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