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[GCO] Duke Nukem: D-Day Teased, New Duke Nukem Title?

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Earlier this year, the 12 year-long development soap opera that was Duke Nukem Forever's development cycle came to an end, marked by the laying off of almost its entire development team at 3D Realm. However, today, rumors point to there being a new installment in the works, teased by the Facebook account for our catchphrase-spouting hero himself, Duke Nukem, reports GameSpot.

That said, the account, created last week, seems to be a viral marketing campaign for the game, Duke Nukem: D-Day. Which, after posting the status "Duke Nukem doesn't stay down for long", released this screenshot (pictured above) - picturing a helmeted soldier shooting a rifle at a towering monster inside a sports stadium, a picturesque scene from Duke Nukem Forever - pointing to the development of a new title.


I put this in the PC Games section because we all know rumors are not news.
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Nice screen shot, I always loved the Pig Cops.
Could be nothing at all. But it's still interesting to me to see this still popping up on the internet regarding Duke Nukem.
damn i loved that level with all cheats on

i'd really love if they came out with another one the game was badas5
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