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ge force 6600gt

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New to overclocking... but want to learn as much as possible...
what is the best way to overclock my ge force 6600gt? and how much would it increase performance and is it worth it?
its a PCi-E ??
any feedback would be much appreciated
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Overclocking your GPU will help in games and let you gain extra FPS but you may want to oc your CPU as your CPU is bottlenecking it as such..There are some porgrames out thre to oc..Nvidia cards..One would be called ''Rivatuner'' Welcome to oc.net
A 3500's not going to bottleneck a 6600GT very much, if at all.

First, you download Coolbits 2.0 off of nVidia's website. Unzip it, and double click the little registry file. When it tells you that the file has been added to the registry, reboot. When you get back into windows, right click on your desktop and go to nVIDIA Display. There should then be a tab on the left menu thing that says "Clock Frequency Settings". click this, and then click "Detect Optimal Frequencies" wait for it to go through its little test cycle, then check the "Apply at start-up" box, and you're done.
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Thanks guys, i probably should of introduced myself
I'll do that in a new thread...
i intend to be on here a lot!!!
you know, learn a ton with everyone
Be warned though, once you start OCing, you can't stop. It's an addiction.
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Originally Posted by Namrac

Be warned though, once you start OCing, you can't stop. It's an addiction.

This is true. I am taking a lot of heat lately from the wife about "will you quite messing with the computer?"!!

And you'll do fine with the 3500+ and a 6600GT, they make a great pair!

If anything, the 6600GT probably bottlenecks the 3500
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welcome and also i wish i had an amd instead of intel but ill wait till i can get a job so whatever oh and use coolbits and update ur drivers i have 81.98 it rules go with riva tuner
it is an addiction it willlll killllllllll youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! jk
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