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gecube x800gto 256mb pci-express

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i have this card from a friend and the bad thing on her is 256mb ddr2 and no six pin for more power.
know the good thing is based r480 core.
i need to now can i flash the bios to unlock the rest 4pipe -or more speed
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Seems like the discussion on this thread from three years ago points to the fact that the only way you could unlock those pipes is with a soldering iron, not software. Sorry. http://forums.filefront.com/tech-dis...pipelines.html
yes, only the saphire was a software lock out sadly, also the DDR2 should OC ok, at those old speeds the ram ran at DDR1 or DDR2 would have worked just as well
gecube x800gto 256mb ddr2 extreme
core 450mhz oc 535mhz
memory 800mhz oc 900mhz
using zalman fv900
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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