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Geforce 9500GT overclocking

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Hello, I have OC:ed my Sparkle 9500GT 256 MB GDDR3 a little. I've attached a file showinng GPU-Z. The card has a passive cooler, GPU Temprature: 58 C in windows. Havent tried any games yet with the OC. When do my card get unstable, when do I know that? How much is too much for my card?

Perhaps stupid questions but i gotta know

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Damnit wrong forum, apoligize.

Originally Posted by DarkTomte View Post
Damnit wrong forum, apoligize.
Don't worry a mod will move it.
You can use [email protected] to test the card for OC stability and temps(uses 100% of the card's processing power),you can get it @ http://folding.stanford.edu/English/DownloadWinOther ,it's the first download,if you're asked for a team name just put 37726.
If you have the money i would advise you to get active cooling(or a fan)for the graphics card,i would not reccomend passive cooling for overclocking/gaming.
EDIT: I FORGOT! if your card is unstable [email protected] will give you an error(i think it's unstable machine).
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