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General overclocking gpu help

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OK well i have a geforce fx 5200 in my system right now,i was just wondering,how should i go about overclocking this.Like say the core was 500 and the mem was 300,would that make anything better or would be the same as Core 300 Mem 300?Since One is no faster then i the other,i had the idea it would make cleaner cycles without any unbalance and imporve qaulity ,or am I wrong,plz explain how i should go about do this
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whats the stock speeds?
ok to overclock your card, you should use rivatuner or coolbits.... both can be found here, and any increase of either the core speed or memory clock will be beneficial... and here is a guide to help you through it. good luck and any more questions, let us know.
yeah, currently i use coolbits after riva tuner crashed my games once in awhile, mem speed is pretty much always higher unless you change it, for example, my 5700 LE is stock at 250/400, my GPU speed is at 250, and my memory speed is at 400. Ive overclocked it to 280/480. I like coolbits becuase it detects the optimal speed so you dont have to guess, if you dont know what your doing. just dont blow it up
. good luck
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