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General Purpose Gaming Desktop

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OK, so I am in between builds and came across an old compaq desktop that was being thrown out. I did my research and decided to save the case and take on ANOTHER project
It's an compaq sr2110nx micro-ATX case, so finding parts shouldn't be a problem. I will be giving this to a friend of mine who likes to do some light gaming, like those $20 games you can buy at walmart and some browser based games. He does plan on eventually getting into an MMO called Final Fantasy XIV, which according to the sources will be DX9. I'm thinking going with like a Phenon II X3 720 on an AM3 mobo with 4Gb RAM, and a 5770 or 5750 GPU. I'm going to modify the case (which I will be logging in the case mod forums) to maximize air flow. How does what I mentioned sound for what he will be using it for?
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I wouldn't go with less than a 5770, but if they don't care about DX11 a 4890 would be oh so nice. The rest sounds good, hopefully we're talking DDR3 RAM. I'd also jump on this PSU while it is around. It is a real good buy.
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Nice find on that PSU, +rep for you. Can't believe I overlooked it. And yeah, the RAM is going to be DDR3 1333. I'll probably end up going with the 5770, just cause it offers more bang for your buck when you take effeciency and temps into account.
Started taking the desktop apart today. Going to put pics up on the case mod thread until it's all done and ready for the internals.
sounds like overkill. a 9600GT / 8800GT ought to be fine.

that said, it should work out well. you could also grab an X2 240 and superclock it and save money that way.
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