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Can't lie, so bored at work. So many ppl are gone, or sick, or whatever...at home, not here. Anyways, see if anyone chimes in here.

I'm a 70 Human warlock on Burning Legion... I just got attuned for kara last night, w00t. Any opinions on how well geared you have to be for kara? My guild is probably mostly in dungeon 3 set or slightly better. I'm tailoring me a great set, have the frozen shadoweave shoulders and will have the boots when I get the hell out of here. So reguardless I will be geared decent (shadoweave > Tier 4) but the rest of my guild probably wont.
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I started my raiding in MC and BWL. I didn't even have time for ZG because as soon as AQ40 was open we were raiding it. Got a few nice things from that before Naxx came out. I had one Naxx epic before TBC. And the guild disbanded soon after. Anyways I'm not looking forward to raiding for a long time. All that work and all you get is 5 or so more stamina and a set bonus.

I've really been enjoying my Paladin, it's a whole different play-style than my warlock. I've always hated being a healer when I tried it with priest/druid/shaman. I'm glad the Horde finally got paladins. I can't stand Humans/Dwarves/Gnomes/Draeni/Night Elves at all. All of their backstories are all filled with fail. I dunno I'm a lore nerd I guess.

I'm planning to get the warlock to 70 in between the breaks I take from my paladin. I'm 50 now and got quite a ways ahead of me. The Warlock is 3.5 levels from 70.

I've figured out that Protection spec Paladins are almost worthless to the horde who don't think Paladins do anything but bubble and heal. So I've been planning my spec accordingly. I figure with a mix of +dmg and +agi/+def gear I'll make a good tank AND healer. I main heal mostly right now in instances, but the few groups that have let me tank tell me I'm better than 80% of the warriors they've grouped with.

Mages and Hunter need to learn *** single target DPS is all about.
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Don't like healing but your a pally.. I see you want to tank/heal, its not just a horde thing, its known (at least on the 2 servers ive played) pallys cant tank raids, just 5 mans, and they heal very very well. And DPS...forget about it. No respect for DPS pallies.

You know right now they are saying in raids locks are out dpsing every class... apparently mages just suck right now, too many nurfs.

/added you've obviously played longer than me, I got my rogue to lvl 60 2 weeks after BC came out, then I quit it and started a pally, got him to 46 and got bored, made the lock and loving it.
Yeah Retnubz should roll Shaman srsly. I may not be able to DPS but I still generate more threat than a warrior of similar level. We were having an aggro fight in mara, me and a prot/arms warrior. With my talents I can out aggro him by at least twice per mob. His shouts however beat my Consecrate simply for ease of use. I still hold all their aggro by switching targets constantly.
Yup, youll even make a good tank in heroics. Just dont hold your breath on getting a tanking position in a guild on kara or gruuls.

Lock is so much simpler, DPS... Right now im 16/45/0 so I need to respec, I just dont want to get rid of my fel guard yet. I love it, that and learning all those new affliction spells.
I'm going 30/0/31, demo specs are FTL for my play style. Right now at 30/0/26 I can kill things pretty much before they reach me and still have tons of go power. I stop about every 10th mob for a snack/drink. Using just dots and my demon armor I can actually melee pretty fast lol.
I can't really do that, I am going to have tons of spell dmg, so I need more into aff than destro... Ive read about a 41/5/11 build, seems lots of ppl like it, would be benefial for my spell dmg. Especially cuz my raid group has a shadow priest that all my dots would benefit off of.

Only thing Im worried about there is during trash mobs my dps goes way down if dots dont have enough time to work. But with Improved shadow bolt I can still spam that.

I would love to build talents but I cannot find a working talent calc on this damn computer...
If you want the DPS you'll need to get Ruin. Doubles all crits. Right now my base dmg is a pretty weak 1200DMG for shadowbolt but I crit for like 1500-2000dmg sometimes giving me 3000-4000dmg crits
Telling you get Ruin from the Destro tree. Any points in Demo are a waste of DPS.

I've thought of going Siphon/Nightfall + Backlash. That way I can slap three dots on on and wait for Insta-Cast SB procs
I fought another lock once with this spec and as long as you're lucky it's more imba than 200DPS 2H 1.50 speed swords being duel wielded by a rogue or...something eheh.. as long as luck is on your side.

I've had Backlash before when I was shadowfury spec, it actually procs about the same as Nightfall.
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See I honestly dont even know what all those talents are. I levelled demo and when I hit 50 respecced for FG and made up my 16/45 spec from 50-70. Im in desperate need of a respec. Wish I could read about the talents but having no luck finding a site I can go to here.
Hehe you're missing out. I've never had a Felnub touch me. I'm responsible for about 20% of the respecs from Demo to Aff/Dest on my server lol. I've been just about every spec of lock you can imagine of. Even some off the wall builds like 21/11/19 lol. If you want to know about any talents ask me I'll tell you how they'd work with your equipment and stuff.
70 Human Paladin on Cho'Gall.

Locks are pumping out some sick dps, last night my guild was killing prince and the entire time the two lock we had were waayyyyyy on top.
Yeah and with Improved Drain Soul you can pretty much spam trinkets and shadowbolt crits and never draw aggro
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real you heal then?

BTW Modki if you want to check out my gear its on the armory... name "Pwndeta" on burning legion. Like I said tonight (or even here at lunch in about 30mins) im going to make the frozen shadoweave boots to match the shoulders. Robe will have to wait a couple weeks, Im almost broke.

Im just thinking with shadow gear it would help to have UA and alot of other aff talents, but IM not sure, havent done enough research into them.
Well went home during lunch, made my frozen shadoweave boots, yeah 2 pieces better than teir 4. 4 day cooldown to make shadowcloth is rediculous.
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