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Gentle Typhoon Fans Connecting to NZXT Sentry 2

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Hi, I'm trying to connect my Gentle Typhoon fans using the small 3pin connection to the NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller. I noticed that the Gentle typhoon fans have a Black, Red, Yellow wired pin in that order while the NZXT Sentry 2 Fan connectors are Black, Yellow, Empty in that order. So if I were to connect the fan to the controller the red wire would be connected to the yellow wire on the fan controller...is this normal? am I supposed to switch around the wires? Thanks

Also for temperature sensors, they included 5, I was thinking one on the CPU backplate, one on the hard drive, one on the GPU backside (where do you guys put the gpu sensor?), one on the chassis, and what to do with the 5th one?
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Every fan is wired up differently, if it's wired up that way, keep it!

Hm, for the 5th temperature sensor, I'd probably put it on my hard drive, just to check things are being kept fairly cold, since I can't really think of anywhere else.
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Most standard 3-pin fans are wired black(gnd) red(12v) yellow(rpm). The fan controller only has Black(gnd) and yellow(12v) so the fan rpm is not needed. As far as the extra temp sensor, could use it on the NB.
No need on hardrive. They do better running hot. As long as they are under 50c and above 30c, your good to go.

Put the sensor on north bridge(try to get the lowest part of the heat sink or if your adventurous, take heat sink off, put the sensor slightly on it)
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