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Get the Antec 1200 now or later?

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On Newegg I can get the Antec 1200 for $143.99 with free shipping / promo code

They have had promo codes on it before, but I don't think they had the free shipping.

The promo code ends today, and I was wondering if I should get it, or wait till it is cheaper.

I would just be moving from my DELL case (if that is even possible) as I don't have the funds at the moment to buy a new MoBo and CPU etc.

(if more than 20 people say yes by 5 PM eastern time, I will buy this
probably won't happen)

People who have said "yes":
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buy it
DO IT! I want an Antec 1200 so bad
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Dooooooooooo it!!!! i have the 900 and wanna upgrade soooo bad.
Free shipping makes a big difference. I'd say go for it as well. Its a case you can use for years to come.
Buy it. Don't pass up that deal. If you don't, give me your money so I can buy it.
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get it now, great price, and free ship is awesome.

If you have a micro center near you they have it for 139.00 right now as well. Shipping isn't free if you want to order it though.
Buy it, cause I paid over $200 getting it when it first came out. No regrets, plus it's weighty.. free shipping would be good.
Awww, you're in Florida. The closest Microcenter to you is Georgia, they have them for 139.99, you'd pay tax, but then you could do it on your schedule instead of their promo code schedule!

I say get it, I want one too, I've learned now how much the 900 is missing. The 300 has cable management. And the 1200 has both cable management and a black painted interior. Big fail for the 900.
Wow 15 "yes" answers!!!!
5 more people and I will consider this for real.

didn't know it was such a great deal.
I got mine around the Oct 20th deal and It was a steal for $140 and free shipping so I recommend getting it most definitely the case is awesome you wont regret it.
OK here is something else to consider.

I really wont use it till summer. Would the price drop even further then?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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