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Getting bored of my games, any suggestions what to play?

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I'm not going to play any new pc games until I get my new video cards so I can truly experience them at their full settings. Anyway I'm getting bored of the few games left I haven't finished, and would like some suggestions. Preferably games that aren't completely new such as this year or late last year.
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well what games have you already played? that'll help

i just got resident evil 5...dunno if it's any good yet though.
finished the fallout 3 add-ons this morning (but you've probably played that already)
quake 4? i remember playing it at a friends house and have been trying to get a copy of it...
played fallout 3 with all addons, just sold re5.. But ive never played quake 4, ill look into that.
get beat hazard, you can pick your music and it's very, very trippy.

here, i did my own:
Mass Effect 2 dude. Want to fear your game? Try Amnesia the Dark Descent.
Mass Effect 2 dude.
I'm still in the process of finishing this awesome game, just did mordins loyalty mission today
Try Amnesia the Dark Descent.
I saw a review of it, looks okay but creepy
Amnesia is such a great game! however don't expect incredible graphics or super polished game, is kinda of a budget game.
Play some Alienswarm!
Originally Posted by t3lancer2006;12978724
Play some Alienswarm!
This and Americas army, both free and on steam. Americas army has a pretty steep lurning curve though, or else I just suck at it
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