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Getting Ready to Install Vista, any pionters?

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Hello, I'm getting ready to install Vista Ultimate. So, I have a few questions...

1. Should I install 32 or 64?

2. Will installing Vista affect my over clock?

3. I play WOW (I know), anybody know of any problems relating Vista and WOW?

4. Is setting up the raid drivers the same as setting up XP raid drivers?

5. Is there anything else you think I should know before beginning?

Thank You
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well for me i didnt need drivers for my raid just set it up and windows recognized it. I have 64 adn it is smooth as silk. I would set your overclock to stock then re do it once installed but i can oc the same on vista as i did on xp. Wow worked great for me. And i dont think theres anythign else
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1) 64-bit
2) If anything you will be able to push your overclock FURTHER, BUT make damn sure you revert to stock when installing windows
3) no, wow works fine
4) windows may already have your raid drivers, but if not when you get to the hard drive selection point of the install you just click load driver, you can now load it from, cd/dvd, flash drive, or floppy
5) welcome to the future
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Thanks guys!

I'm looking forward to the new move. It will be a nice change.

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