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Gforce 9600GT 512MB Maximum OC.

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This was the card i bought a while ago in the process of upgrading now to a GTX295 but i was wondering if there was anyone out there with the 9600gt that had over clocked it a little more than the stock OC if so what numbers am i looking at?

UPDATE:forget it dont answer this post i found the maximum OC for this card which was what i was looking for.

Here: in case someone else is intrested
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I'll post anyway

Some people have been able to Bios vmod it to get 830+ memory clocks.
But around 750-780/1900-2000 MHz is the most common max OC's.
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bios vmod i thought was unpossible due to the horrible amounts of ovp protection etc...
but anywho, my cards max oc is 725/1825/1110
my core seems a little low, but my mem goes further than most
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