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I think it is, i got my GTX 285 just a moment ago, i installed it as usual, but the little clip broke on the pci express X16 slot does that matter? Anyway it tried booting no luck and i have tried 3 times. The green light turns on but nothing displays im afraid its DOA
. I installed a GTX 260 in the same motherboard about one month ago, and a 9800 gtx just last weekend. Is this GTX 285 DOA?
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Your PSU is more than capable of a GTX285. I would start looking at port problems. Are you using a DVI->HDMI converter for your HDTV monitor? Are you using a VGA cable?

Can you put the GTX260 (or another card) in place of the 285 to test of the board's slot is working?

Also, breaking the little plastic retention clip probably won't hurt anything, so long as you didn't rip off any pins from inside of the slot along with the clip. You may have a problem with the card not contacting all pins however, as it may not be fully inside of the slot, due to the clip being off. Try setting the PC horizontal and see if that helps at all.
o its touching the slot im sure of it espically when i screw in clip that holds the slots. Im using DVI to VGA. i will be sending the card in i guess. It kind of sucks because i used UPS ground for my step up and waited 2 weeks now to wait another 2 i think.
Before you send it in, make sure that it's not a problem with the motherboard or something else.
Try using another DVI-VGA converter, I've had them die before.
Try using another cable or monitor.
Most graphics cards are rarely DOA, it's normally something at fault with the user.

Did you plug in the power connectors?
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im using the stock one with the GFX card, i dont have another because i sold it with the 9800 gtx
. I have 2 monitors both nope. Too bad my integrated video card can only play half life one. X(. O well i repped you though, i think EVGA will cross ship it so hoepfully i will receive it by the end of this week.
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