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Gigabyte 965P F6 RAID driver probs.

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OK, I've had my rig running for a couple weeks now with my Seagate 320's in RAID 0 with no probs. I managed to screw up the registry in Winblows and needed to format & re-install. Now I can't get the RAID drivers to go. Every time I try, it gets to the point during install that it tells you it's starting Windows, and then tells me it "can't copy JRAID.SYS". Now I've tried three different floppy drives, two different floppy cables, six different floppy discs, and 3 different versions of the driver. I'm getting the exact same problem every single time. Help?????
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Ive been getting this issue for Windows 64...Any help would be great for of us.
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