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Hi all , I'm kinda newbie on pcs and I just wanted you to give me some opinion about some problems I've been having in a few weeks. I bought my new pc a couple weeks ago here are some specs :

GPU : gigabyte AMD Radeon 8gb r9 390 g1 8Gb GD5 ;
CPU: intel icore i5 6400 2.70Ghz ;
RAM : 8gb G.skill kit ;
Motherboard : MSI H110M Pro-VH .
OS : Windows 10 x64
AntiVirus : Avast

My problems are :

1st: Since I had my pc on first day my screen kinda bugs and flash on and off randomly for 1-2seconds then comes back in . I've checked some possible solutions such as uncheck some windows update and report processes on System Configuration and nothing. Then I went to task manager see if was some problem and I notice when that happens I have a peak on CPU usage of 100% but I can't get where that comes from..

2nd: My graphic card is pretty good as far as I know and I used to have like 250fps average on game ( playing LoL for example ) and from days ago my average is 160fps. Meanwhile I checked my gpu temperature and it was 60ºC iddle and I informed myself and some people say it's too much some say it's normal and fans will come on automatically when needed. Though I started using my GPU control center and now I set fans for 60% speed so I can get 40ºC average temperature and still I got no fps improvement.

My mainly questions are :

1st: What should I do to know if it is any process who is causing this screen flash? ( I also use an VGA - HDMI adapter in my monitor so I can plug in the graphic card , but I think that's not the problem)

2nd: Should I be worried about this decrease of FPS since it's a brand new pc and graphics and I used to get far more fps about 2 weeks ago. If yes what should I do about that re-install all system? And that temperatures 60º(iddle) by default gpu settings are normal or should I keep using the GPU control program and keep fans running?

Thanks a lot,


Bernardo Reis.
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