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Gigabyte ep-35 ds3l - max fsb?

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i am looking to get a new cpu....

i have a deal on the table right now for a either q9400 or q9550+$100, it was for some work i did for a friend on his website, he is sending me a $170 for the work i have done and have decided to go quadcore.

i know the q9400 has 6 megs of level 2 cache, 3 mb's each "die", which basically tells me it is like 2 e7200's slapped together, but it is still double of what i have now, and it has VT something i've been looking for

as for the q9550 it has 12 megs of level 2 cache, which is double of the q9400, but virtually the same cpu.

now what i want to know, my sig mobo, what is the fsb limit on these?

right now i am at 400 fsb....i've had it up to 425 before, but i couldn't get it to boot into windows, so i stopped there, but it did post, but i thinkt hat was due to my cpu not the fsb.

the max fsb of this board will def swing my choice of cpu.

i can pick up the q9400 from microcenter for like 175 bucks, that is why it is influencing my decision more right now than the q9550, the cheapest i can find it is $265.

so help me decide.
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