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Gigabyte Ep45 DS3L Doesn't like 4x1GB RAM, HELP!

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I am wondering if any EP45 owners run 4 sticks of Ram in their computer and are able to run them at native speeds?

I have 4 stick of 1GB of G.Skill memory F2-8500CL5D 2.0-2.1v DDR2 1066MHZ

I can run the four sticks at 800MHZ but not 1066MHZ, if I try my mobo won't post.

Anybody with experience in this area care to help me out?

I have tried 1.320v On the NB and
2.160V on the RAM,
Set the Memory Drive Strength to OC-1333

with no LUCK!

-Tried 1.38V on the NB and 2.260v on the ram, 6-6-6-18 timings on mem......

is it impossible to run them at 1066mhz then?
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up the mch/dram ref to see if that helps it helped with my stability with the ram may be different board but it couldn't hurt to try since its still the same nb

also you might wanna try the mch reference also
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nope! I gave up running at less than 800mhz
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