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Gigabyte EX-58-UD4P...after a week, WILL NOT TURN ON

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I get lights for the onboard power button, and the cmos, but when i press either, NOTHING. Cant get it to power on. I used a trip clip to test my PSU and it is fine. Spins my drives, runs my LCS, no prob. I plug it back into the motherboard, and i cant get it to turn on. Completely discharged board, took out battery, and let it sit, then pluged it all back in, no dice.
Any suggestions? I just lapped my proc and i'm rdy to try it out, but my board doesnt want to play nice.
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No reaction what so ever when you try hitting the power button on the case? Not even the PSU fan?

Double checked that the connection for the power button is properly seated on the motherboard?

Try deconnecting everything you don't need for it to boot if so, and see what happens. Also double check all the wiring - possibly redo it as well.
Make sure that everything is plugged in correctly, and if not, i suggest trying to get an RMA...
Done all that, lost sleep, and still no dice (last night). Most likely going to have to get a replacement today.
I'm talking about NO REACTION. Which is funny because if the board was shorted, then the light wouldnt come on at all. I trip-clipped the PSU and everything spun fine, i just cant get the motherboard to power on anything.
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Not a rookie. But i did that. Left it for a while and came back to find it on. However now, at post it only reads 2 GB of my ram. When i get into vista, it says that 6GB are installed, but 2 GB are being utilized by the system when i go into task manager/perf monitor.

Did the one stick trick. Every stick checks out and gives the same results. Ran Memtest off of the cd. The extended one. That turned up nothing unusual. I'm going to find driver updates and maybe bios updates for this board and see what that does. But i may be sending this board back. Screwed yet once again by Gigabyte. Wish that Newegg would have better shipping to overseas military.
If not for that i would have had ALL EVGA parts. Booooooooo.....
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A look at what im talking about, and proof that im in korea (Top Right)

Oh and also, the vidcard drivers wont load up. Motherboard just went tits up man what is this.

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