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Gigabyte GA MA770 UD3

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I have a computer made of
AMD athlon II 250
Gigabyte GA MA770 UD3
Corsair DDR II 2x2GB
OCZ stealth 500W
HDD Seagate barracuda 500 GB sata II 16 mb cache
Antec three hundred gane case

I have a proble . I have so far only one similar problem but it remains unresolved therefore I am bothering you dear members.
I turn on my computer (I do not have a speaker there so I do not know that there is a bip or not). BIOS is not loaded (Obviously Windows too). LED from monitor is flashing, screen is black, fans are running, LED from the case (power regarding one) is lit. When I change sth in the case (graphics card unplug a cable etc) it starts (not all the times) updating DMI or not. I have checked all components insid of case (with the exception of CPU) replacing it plugging and unplugging cables, checking voltage, running on other PSU - still the same proplem. I reset CMOS. It cannot start at the moment even if I want to force the start changing configuration of elements cables etc. BIOS is from september 2009 I have not flashed it. In my opinion my mobo is broken down. What do you think?

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I know you said that you tried reseating all components in the case except for the CPU but did you try booting with just 1 RAM stick installed? If not I would try each stick individually and see what happens. The problem you are having seems more like either a memory issue or graphics issue.
Yes I checked my RAM modules separately both separately in different slots - the same effect, I replaced a graphics card and it started but when I turned it off - the situation was the same as I described above. The same story was when I replaced CPU fan. RAM it was my first idea, second graphics, motherboard is the last thing I should consider (according to my hardware experience)
I checked also memory using some programs for memory testing from bootable CD and from Windows level
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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