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gigabyte gamerhud ( gamerhud.exe )

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I've been using the Gigabyte 8800GT 256MB Gfx card for about a year now, and have faithfully used the gamerhud OC utility that allows you to also amp the voltage from the stock 1.15v to 1.20v which really makes a difference. Now, since wiping, and going back from vista to xp, I had to download a new version of gamerhud, and gpu clock OC is still working but now the voltage slider is stuck at the low end at 0.85v and when I hit apply, it always moves back down to that settting, it's killing me!!! I can't change teh voltage, and I can't get a performance boost like Used to of the 5- 9% boost in FPS or 3DMark06 score...any ideas?!!? and I can't install one of the files, as it say it can't initialize the setup file, so I am stuck with the 6mb ver. 3.08download, anyone have a older install package for gamerhud.exe, from like, 6 months ago??
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First, if you've never tried eVGA Precision Overclocking tool, you might want to try that. It works with most video cards, and I don't see why it wouldn't work with your Gigabyte 8800GT.

If you don't want to try that, try finding the original driver CD and see if there is an installer for GamerHUD on there?
Yeah, try an older version. If you can't find your driver CD, I'm sure there's a download floating around the Internet.
1)I've spent DAYS searching up and down for an older version, Every place I've looked has the new version only. NOT one of the very few sites, has the older versions, nor gigabytes site.

2)the install disk never came with it either, which was my first hope. I've pulled the reg key, and edited the values in there, but not working.

3)And evga's overclock software works, but their voltage util. only works with evga cards...and that's all I want...to adjust GPU voltage...I'm wondering if the nvid. drivers are causing this. though they have never done this before. I'll try using older nvid drivers i guess.
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