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Hi all,

I just got this GPU week ago, I tried to see how it OC's. I used Afterburner, have set the power limit to 108%(max that it says it can go) voltage to plus 100% and temp limit to 91 degrees, then I moved to changing the clocks. Tried +100MHz on the core for the start but it was no way stable, Heaven crashed, Superposition also.
I have ended up with plus 50MHz on the core and +400MHz on the memory it is stable as in, it does not crash but the clocks are not constant. It can start with boost up to 2014MHz but then it goes down to a range from 1896-1974MHz. On the OSD I can see that I am hitting Power Limit and Voltage Limit sometimes for a couple of seconds. With overlock this low I do not think that this should happen, it seems strange to me. Any advice from you guys? Or did I just lose at silicon lottery?

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Boost 3.0 really messes with core clocks. I just got mine yesterday(G1) and haven't really done any OC'ing yet. I plan on doing that later this evening. I did throw a quick OC on it last night and ran Firestrike. I can't remember what settings I used though.

From what I've seen so far, I'm impressed. At stock settings, it normally settles in around 1949mhz. I haven't used Gigabyte's software for anything other than turning the lighting off. I can't see the card, so no point in having it on.

Here is a spreadsheet I just started with some benchmarks. All the settings are listed. These were on the newest driver as well. I will put the OC numbers in there when I get those done. Probably tomorrow.


FYI, you can set a static clock using the Frequency/Voltage table in Afterburner.

Open AB, and hold the ctrl key and then hit F...then you can set the points. There is probably a thread here on OCN that will explain it a little better. You may still see the core clock bounce a bit. It depends on what speed/voltage you have it set to.

I will post more, once I get a little more OC'ing info, if you are still around.

Also, on the voltage, I found on my GTX1060 that I got the same/better numbers without touching the voltage at all. Same with the Freq/Volt table. While it will hold a clock a little more steady, it seems my scores/fps weren't any better.
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