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Throwing this in here, just in case somebody had similar problems.

Recently i upgraded from 2x 2412m to a single 30" Yamakasi Sparta.
I ran it on GTX 770 SLI without any problems for a month or so.

Then few months back, i got a great deal on 970, and swapped 770 sli for it.

And then the problems started. The frequency is completely random, a month can pass without any issues, then i can se the problem twice in two days.

The issue is two fold.

Issue 1. The monitor goes into standby for no apperant reason. Yesterday my wife watched youtube, and the screen went black. The PC was still on, as the YT clip played on.
Tried plugging the power on the monitor, reconnecting the dual link dvi, no answer. Reboot is the only solution. This happened yesterday and today.

Issue 2.

Pictures say more than a 1000 words.




This crap happens in bios too, so its not a graphics driver issue, i guess.

Issue 2 may appear on its own, or after a reboot if issue 1 happens.
I guess the monitor does not like the card, or other way around.
If i dont find a solution, im just going to throw in a towel, and get one of them asus 120hz 27" monitors.
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