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Gigabyte HD 7950 Windforce.

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My friend is buying it for $185.00, Should I sell it to him?
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why you want to sell?

ask yourself why? to buy another GPU? 9000 series maybe? or perhaps 7990?

if you dont need it sell.. if you need it why sell?

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why are you selling ? what card do you want to buy ?
It's rev 2 voltage lock and no water block for it. Even though I'm scared of water cooling I may do it in the future once I'm good at building pc....
do you plan to water cool? mind you water cooling pc is fun but prepare your bank account...
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Yes, I will start gradually, I'll start with cpu. I checked out a lot of builds here and I must say lots of them are extreme.
So $185.00 is a fair price? I checked it out on new egg, brand new one is around $230.00.
yeah USD 185 is a good price given that new cards are selling for USD 220 - 280.
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