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X79 RIVBE, 3930K, EK Moboblock - $250 + 1/2 Shipping OBO! Feel free to make an offer, really wasn't sure what to price this at.

READ SPOILER! Just trying to make this less cluttered. SOL.

Motherboard has blown mosfet (a controller for one of the 4 pin fan connectors) and stress fractures on the monoblock (block does not leak, purely cosmetic but could become an issue if you over-tighten the fittings). It also does not like to boot after being unplugged (it will start, reset, and then post if the power has been drained), it cold boots just fine.

Recently upgraded to Ryzen (to get an mITX computer) and no longer need this. It runs very well aside from the above mentioned issue(s). The mosfet was blown before I bought it (got it used here about a year ago), did some research and learned that all it was for was the PWM fan header next to it (wasn't sure if it was the top one or the bottom one, so I avoid both of those headers. The stress fractures on the monoblock are shallow and not an issue yet, but could become a problem if fittings are over-tightened.

Some of the heatsinks on the motherboard were removed to install the monoblock, I am pretty sure that they can be reattached without issue, though not all the hardware may be included (removing and reinstalling the monoblock is quite annoying, so I never tried to reinstall the stock heatsinks).

The 3930K installed in it has been clocked at 4.2GHz for the past year (was almost always GPU limited at 4K with a 980TI) and temps were usually around 60*C max (DC12 pump [not a very good pump to be honest] + 360mm radiator + 280mm radiator + GTX 980 TI full-cover block + EK RIVBE monoblock with fans set at ~500 rpm). Your temps will vary depending on the cooling you provide.

Included in the listing: Rampage IV Black Edition w/ boxes, EK Monoblock (no box), Intel Core i7 3930k (no box), and a lot of the accessories that came with the RIVBE [most importantly the I/O shield and the 5.25" attachment-thing, (no clue what it does, never used it) and 2 sata cables though, may be able to include more]. No wifi antennae

X3450 + P55M-UD2 + 12GB DDR3 - $75 Shipped (OBO)

Comes with a ThermalTake version of the stock cooler, the I/O shield and a PCIe to USB 3.0 card.

5820K + EVGA X99 Micro2 - $320 Shipped; kind of firm, but not unwilling to negotiate SOLD
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