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the 8346 version on win10 64bit is all fine:
realtek control panel can be opened up & the option of manually setting/locking the smart amplifier from level 1 to level 3 is present and working

and then gigabyte rolled out 8433 version (which has been removed from the site now). this version causes the control panel cant be opened up therefore the smart amplifier is failed to adjust at all (going bback to the default smart amplifier settings (level 1) which is suck).

the latest version 8454 is now avaliable on the site. and the control panel once again can be opened up now.
however, the smart amplifier option is gone.........................................

alc1220 is very powerful for gaming headset like hyperx cloud revolver on stereo mode when its smart amp is set to level 3.
so stay on 8346 if you have the same issue.

the being removed 8433 win10 64bit version can be downloaded here:
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