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Gigabyte UD4H vs ASUS Maximus VI Hero

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I'm debating between these two motherboards and can't really make a definite decision between the two. I have been doing a lot of research and read multiple reviews on both motherboards. I also 100% know I will never know the difference between the performance on these boards. The reason I picked these two boards is because of looks, price-to-performance, and name brand.

My concerns are going to sound slightly ridiculous, but I need to satisfy my OCD.

Here are main concerns:

Does the Gigabyte's silver aesthetic on the heat-sink match Corsair Dominator Platinum's silver heat-sink? Does anyone have a picture of these two together?

ASUS Maximus VI Hero has on-board sound. How good is the sound and what kind of sound card does it compare to? (I mainly want to know it it's better than a Xonar DG that I currently own).

Does the ASUS Maximus VI Hero have WiFi compatibility?

What are the biggest selling points for one board compared to the other?
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Can only comment on the Hero, but have no idea how good the sound is compared to your Xonar. The hero does not have wifi. I think the UD4H is a little cheaper? I think they are both great boards and it just comes down the aesthetics. Check out my sig for my build log.
I have the Z77X-UD4H and have been happy with the board. Few complaints but no problems any other board doesn't have

Not watched it but here:

I might have prematurely made this post. My plan was to use Corsair's 540 AIR as my case and the case just won't work for my situation.

Thanks for the help guys!
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