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(Gigabyte X570 AORUS Owners Thread)

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Updated 6-30-19 Future home of the X570 Aorus thread.


AORUS Pillow & Screwdriver
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X570 beta BIOS thread: http://forum.gigabyte.us/thread/7098...ta-bios-thread

Aorus Xtreme = flagship , no chipset fan, 70A powerstages and IR direct PWM on 8 layer PCB , RGB commander , dual BIOS +switch , debug LED , ESS DAC, 10G LAN, 3xM.2, RGB commander thing
--> Buildzoid overview
--> Anandtech https://www.anandtech.com/show/14432...for-ryzen-3000

Aorus Master = overclocking features such as Debug LED/dual BIOS switch , IR direct PWM with 50A IR3556 on 6 layer PCB, fully finned heatsink + thermal backplate (Taichi has cosmetic backplate and Asus' lineup only has it on Formula) , 3x M.2 , ESS DAC, 2.5G LAN

--> OC3D unbox https://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/...ster_preview/1

--> Anandtech https://www.anandtech.com/show/14537...ie-40-m2-slots
--> Gearseekers unbox

Aorus Ultra = 3x M.2 , 12x 40A IR3553 powerstages with IR PWM with heatpiped fully finned heatsink on 6 layer PCB, wifi 6, functionally most of the same as Pro / Pro WIFI
--> Buildzoid breakdown

Aorus Pro/Pro WIFI = 12x 40A IR3553 powerstages with IR PWM on 6 layer PCB , heatpiped heatsink with fins on main finstack ALC1220-VB, rear USB port count, SLI support

--> Anandtech https://www.anandtech.com/show/14490...ithout-wi-fi-6
--> OC3D

X570I Aorus Pro WIFI = 6x TDA21472 70A powerstages on 8 layer PCB, backplate, wifi 6

--> Buildzoid breakdown

Aorus Elite = 12x Vishay 50A SiC634 powerstages on 4 layer PCB (the weakest board in the X570 lineup from Gigabyte) , WIMA audio capacitors (main non-VRM advantage over ASUS TUF X570)

Aorus Elite VRM analysis by Buildzoid

Overview from Kitguru

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