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Gigabyte z87x-ud4h "Fast Boot" Option in bios?

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Wondering what this does?
The options are:

Ultra Fast
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It should make Windows 8 boot almost instant.
Originally Posted by DeXel View Post

It should make Windows 8 boot almost instant.
What does it actually do though...
Is there any downside to it?
It uses new UEFI boot process instead of relying on legacy CMS options. Basically skips the system initialization, and gets through Windows 8's new boot process.

A bit about secure boot too.
So then is there any reason not to?
I have a similar question. So fastboot is nice for Win8 users, but is it compatible with Win7. I mean I know that Win8 has a different boot process but will Win7 users have similar benefits if it's enabled? Thanks!
So if the board utilizing this UEFI fast boost tech yet needs time to figure out the RAM config... Wouldn't that mean the board would be contradictory to itself. Have you looked into the specifications of this board as to how it configures the RAM while having the fastboot option enabled? This may be the case with other mobos but I would be inclined to say not necessarily with this board since it's a different tech than other boards you are getting your spec information from.

Don't get my wrong, I'm sure some start up processes and what not will be lacking but it couldn't be that much. I'd say if no one comes up with the correct answer, call the manufacturers. They'll give you the right answer 9 out of 10 times. lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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