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I have finally saved enough money to buy my new rig. It has been a while since I have gotten a new desktop and the time has finally come.

To start this off I am going to list the parts I will be using for this build. I have decided on these parts I will not be changing my mind.

CPU: i7 3770K

GPU: GTX Titan going sli in May when I get my bonus.

PSU: HX850

RAM: Dominator Platinum 16GB

MOBO: Z77 Sabertooth

Sound Card: Asus STX Essence

Cooling: Swifttech H20-320

Monitor: Dell 2412M

SSD: Samsung 830 256GB

Storage: WD Blue 1TB

Case: CM 932 Blue/Black

Keyboard: G710+

Mouse: Deathadder

Thermal Compound: CL PRO

So I have to wait on tax refund to fund the last little bit which god knows when I will receive that.

I preordered a GTX Titan on ncix.com on thursday waiting on to arrive as well.

I am going to drive an hour to Microcenter today to buy my 3770K because it will save me a lot.

Sorry about the crappy pics I am taking these with my note 2 in bad lighting.

Just ordered some (Scraperite) plastic razor blades. I'm hoping these will make delidding the i7 a lot easier and safer.


Just got back from mirco center long ride but totally worth it!

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Solid build imo, nice choice of parts.

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Saving this for photos.

I got this to put my old system in just thought I'd load a pic to make this thread a little bigger.

I went with black and blue extensions because I don't have the time or patience to sleeve.

I got the motherboard in started some cabling.

Cable management is still a work in progress.

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